EPT and Me

Pregnant? Is that what the little pink plus sign means? After peeing on the stick, that was my question. I was sure I had misread the instructions or either the test was defective. Tracy wasn’t really certain either – his response was, “It is a very faint line.” Faint or blazing, it was definitely a plus. However, I don’t think either one of us was ready to accept this small surprise in the form of a plastic stick with pee. So, what did we do? We headed straight for Wal-mart – me crying all the way, worried about how everything was going to be very different from this day forward. Tracy wasn’t about to be unsure again, so he purchased a box with two pregnancy tests that were brand name, 99% accurate, and they also indicated pregnancy by displaying the actual words pregnant or not pregnant. When we arrived back home, it was time to pee again. We waited…not 30 seconds later, the word Pregnant popped on to the tiny screen. I think Tracy was more excited than me. All of sudden, thoughts of delivery and stretch marks and midnight feedings flooded my mind. I was TERRIFIED!!! Not a week earlier we had decided that we were both okay living the rest of our lives without kids. Isn’t it interesting how God works? We actually got to this place because my trusty doctor (who I thought pretty much knew everything) told me that I would probably have to take fertility drugs to even conceive. “You’ll have a difficult time getting pregnant,” she assured me. After two years of being VERY careful, I decided that we were free birds – I had built in birth control. Well, low and behold my built in birth control was a little less than 99.5% effective. So here we are, the two people who were possibly never going to have children, 12 weeks pregnant. It has taken me virtually every day of this 12 weeks to even accept the idea that there is life growing inside of me. It’s amazing to even think that in the not too far future Tracy and I are going to be P-P-P-Parents!