Just Dance

Davis went to his first dance last night. It was a glow dance for 5th graders only. Parents were not allowed to stay. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to go, but we may have forced him a little bit. He actually wore a dress shirt and shorts versus the athletic attire that has become his norm. After the dance, I asked lots of questions like – Did they play the Electric Slide? Yes. Did they play they play the Cupid Shuffle? Yes. Did you dance? Not really. He did tell me that they played the Whip and Ney Ney and that he may have done the moves “a little.” And, that his ears hurt and he was deafened momentarily. Not from the music though, from all the screaming. Girls I assume. That’s what they do for any exciting occasion it seems, scream. All in all though, I think it was a good experience.

I Want to READ!

Silas has become obsessed with reading. So much so, that he gets angry if he can’t read. For example, if we go to bed late and there isn’t anymore time for reading, he grumbles and complains and downright protests. A few days ago, Silas fell asleep before one of Davis’s baseball games. He was so asleep that I had to carry him from our room to the car. Just before arriving at the baseball field, Silas wakes up and asks, “Did you remember my book?” Of course, I did not. We parked the car and he said, “I am NOT getting out of this car without my BOOK!” He did eventually get out but only after his dad figured out a way to access his book on his phone.

Too Many Friends

Overheard while the boys were getting ready for school:

Davis (to Silas): “You should spike up your hair in the front. I think that would look better.”

Silas: “What?!? No!”

Davis: “But it’ll make you more popular and you’ll have more friends. Who’s someone that’s popular that you wish was your friend?”

Silas: “I don’t need more friends – I have too many now that I wish would just leave me alone!”

Davis: “. . .”

Beach Day

Today, I took both boys to the beach. I sat on the beach and watched them play in the sand and just tried to soak it all in. Davis is getting so big, such a mix of little boy and teenager. Some days, I look and him and want to just stop the growing, put a halt to it, and hold on tight to that sweet innocent child of mine. Today at the beach was a day when he just played. Played in the sand and smiled and laughed and ate snacks without being concerned with anything else. Wearing his Texas Rangers baseball hat, he even still looked like a “little.” It was a best day.

Silas Turns 7

This year, Silas turned 7. When I look at his face, I still see a 4 year old, my sweet baby. But alas, he’s 7. Silas still loves art and will oftentimes go sit at his art table by himself and draw and color even when his brother is begging to play with him. He loves board games and likes to play the ones that take patience and commitment, like Risk or Monopoly. He’s a dancer. If a song with a good beat comes on, he can’t help himself, the music takes over his whole being. Silas is a sweet snuggler, full of hugs and kisses. He doesn’t want me to leave the house in the mornings before he has gotten his daily hug. At the same time, he can be feisty and hot-tempered. If he gets tired or angry, look out, he’s a raging bull. Silas is a reader and will read and read and read until we stop him or until sleep takes over. He loves school, not always admitting it though, and is eager to be challenged and learn new things. His personality is infectious. Tracy went on a field trip with him the other day, and said that all the kids in his group were vying for his attention – Silas, come look at this…Silas lets go over here…Silas look at me. One little boy asked Tracy, “How’d you make Silas so smart?” Truthfully, this boy brings is such a joy. I am thankful that God chose me to be his mama.


Every since the day Davis wasn’t a baby anymore, he has wished he could be a baby again. He still says it to this day – Mom, I wish I could go back to being a baby. The other day, he said to me – Mom, I wish I could get back in your belly and be attached to your extension cord. Extension cord? I questioned. Your biblical cord – he responded. After laughing hysterically, I said – Do you mean my umbilical cord? Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Silas – On Kisses

While snuggling before going to bed last night, Silas said, “Mom, when I was in kindergarten and even this year, all the kids say ‘Ewwwww’ when someone mentions kissing. But you know their parents’ kiss them. And, you know they are going to get married one day and they are going to kiss their husband or wife.” Davis interjected, “Not everyone gets married.” Silas responded with, “Yeah, but like 90% of people do, so they are going to kiss.”