Davis Goes to New York

First, let me say that visiting New York City when you are 6 going on 7 months pregnant may not be the wisest decision to make. Going in the middle of July while the city is experiencing the hottest weather of the year is doubly an unwise decision. As hot as it was above ground, descending the steps to the subway system was like taking a stairway to Hades. I have never sweat so much in my life. I did not perspire – I sweat. I later read in one of my magazines that you sweat more when you are pregnant. Go figure.

When we first arrived in New York, our cabbie drove us from JFK to our hotel. It was about 8 am and the traffic was incredible. I have never seen such skillful driving in my entire life. Even though traffic stopped numerous times, our cab never stopped. After reaching the hotel and obtaining a map, we headed out on foot to explore the city. Tracy and Paul were the map keepers, because I couldn’t read a map if my life depended on it. We began our exploration by trying to find St. Patrick’s Catherdral. On the map, it apparently looked like a hop and a skip from the hotel. In reality, it was what seemed to me, an endless number of blocks away. After walking about 10 large blocks or so in the now 90 degree heat, I had had enough. I was getting more and more irritable and ready to just sit right down on some of the most unclean sidewalks I have ever seen in my life. Just as I was about to throw a tantrum, I noticed the sign for the Museum of Modern Art, so I made an executive decision that we were going there. I love art museums, but I think this time it was more about the air conditioning and benches that would await me inside. Paul and Obea opted to continue the trek to St. Patrick’s while we visited the museum. The art inside was maginificent. We saw works by Picasso, Monet, Pollock, Rothko, etc, etc. But ahhh, the air conditioning – I cannot praise it enough. Before concluding our museum tour, we ventured outside into the sculpture garden where there stood a statue of a pregnant goat. I love goats so I had to have my picture taken with this one. We show a striking resemblance I think.

We did other things that day like visit Rockefeller Center and buy subway passes. We finally went back to the hotel and took a much needed nap before going to dinner at this small Italian restaurant called Serafina’s. They had some of the best pasta I have ever eaten in my entire life. The restaurant was noisy and the tables were on top of each other. I imagine this is what it must be like in Italy. After dinner, we hiked several blocks to get to Serendipity. This is the little restaurant that was featured in the movie Serendipity. After waiting for one hour and a half, we were seated at a table upstairs where we ordered unreasonably priced desserts. I had their signature Frozen Hot Chocolate. It comes with two straws for sharing. I drank out of both straws at once so I could share mine with Davis. The desserts made us perfectly giddy.

Day 2 is sort of a blur, because we began using our subway passes and I think I just became delirious as we descended the stairs to the pit, took trains across town, and climbed steps into places that were just HOT, HOT, HOT. I think we may have visited Time Square, Chinatown, Little Italy, and SoHo very briefly. I did find the markets in Chinatown captivating and repulsive at the same time. The fresh fish, shrimp and other things that were unidentifiable were fascinating, but the smell eventually became too much to bare. We ate lunch at this little Chinese restaurant located under the sidewalk – Wo Hop. They had great egg rolls. That evening, we ventured into Greenwich Village where Orpheum Theater is located. I knew this burrough of New York was going to be different. It was what I would call a town that caters to the hippie population. In all of New York, I never smelled the scent of body odor as acutely as I did in this neighborhood. Right beside the theater was a shop dedicated to selling drug paraphenalia. There was nothing else in the shop – just utensils used for smoking various forms of illegal substances. At Orpheum Theater we saw Stomp. It’s this show where the actors don’t speak, they simply tell a story through sounds made with sweeping brooms, clapping, finger snapping, and banging on various found objects. The show was very entertaining and I am not really sure how, I am guessing it was all the rhythm and the cool air, I began to get very sleepy and nod off. I told the others about this over dinner, and they could not imagine how anyone could sleep through a show like that. I guess pregnancy has its advantages. We ate dinner, though it was so bad, I am not even going to go into my rant about that. All I will say is that if you ever are in Greenwich Village, do NOT eat at Poetessa.

That night, it finally rained, and the temperature dropped, thank heavens. The next day Tracy and I visited the Natural History Museum and ate Indian food at Diwan with one of Tracy’s clients who lives in the area. The food there was superb. Spicy and full of all the smells and flavors of a traditional Indian feast. I will certainly be craving that same food in the days to come. That night we ate a high class all you can eat Brazillian Steak House called Churrascaria Platforma. It was featured on Food Network as one of the best places to eat meat. The way it worked was they give you a coaster which is green on one side and red on the other. As long as the coaster is flipped to red, the infinite meat supply just bypasses you and goes onto the next table. But, the instant you turn it to green, the meat feast begins. There had to be dozens of waiters meandering through the dining room with swords full of meat. One guy would come over and offer top sirloin. He would carve as much as you wanted and you would retrieve it from the sword with your own dainty silver set of tongs. Minutes later another waiter would appear with roast chicken. Then, prime rib, sausage, and even chicken hearts. When Tracy was ready for his meat course, he dramatically flipped his coaster to green and yelled, “I summon the meat!” I think Tracy ate about 6 chicken hearts. We overheard the table beside us talking about the wonderfulness of the lamb, but we had not been offered any lamb. We questioned our head waiter and he said, “Of course we have lamb!” He then summoned another waiter and demanded, “Get them some lamb!” In seconds, voila! lamb appeared. There were other side dishes brought to the table like mashed potatoes, crispy green beans, onion rings, fried bananas, and rice. But, that’s not all, there was an entire bar located in the center of the restaurant that offered items such as calamari salad, sushi, various pasta salads, steamed shrimp, wonderful green rice, and the most amazing couscous I have ever eaten. I am going to email the restaurant, inform them that I am pregnant and that I must have the recipe for the couscous, because I NEED IT!!!! Let me just say that this restaurant is not for the faint of heart. The food and the stab to the wallet are overwhelming yet memorable. We went back to the hotel in a stupor.

Last day in New York and there was still so much to see. We finally decided we would take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and to Ellis Island. This was actually one of my favorite sights. I inadvertently wore a green dress almost the same shade as the one donned by Lady Liberty herself. Along with Tracy’s recently purchased Lady Liberty crown, I was a dead ringer for her double. Ellis Island was really interesting. I am reading a book about a family who immigrates to the United States from Italy in the 1940’s, so going to Ellis Island brought my book to life. Before we went, I read in some pamphlets to allot about 4 hours to visit the 2 attractions. I thought that was absurd, but 4 hours later we were just getting in line to board the boat and head back to the mainland.

Finally, it was time to return to JFK and head for home. Usually when we go on vacation, I mourn a little on the last day. I long to stay in a world with no responsibilities, no time schedules, no cooking, cleaning, etc. But, I welcomed the end of this trip. I could not wait to board the plane that would bring me back to my third floor home. We ended up getting home at around 6AM because our flight was delayed and we actually landed in Charlotte at 1AM then had to drive the 4 hours from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach. When we turned into Azalea Lakes, I think Davis lept in my womb. I told Tracy that Davis didn’t love New York City. Maybe when he’s older and can walk on his own he’ll be able to appreciate it more.

Building a Nest

I had never heard of nesting in relation to human beings until about a year ago when a girl I knew was pregnant. She said she was nesting. I wondered what in the world she was talking about. I envisioned her sitting in the middle of a pile of hay somewhere making a bed for her baby. Weird, weird, weird. She explained that she was only focused on readying the house for her knew arrival. All her concentration was centered around cleaning, painting, and organizing.

Just last week, I went into organization mode. That is very unusual for me. I am not the organized half of our union. Let me give you an example of just how disorganized I really am. Just before Tracy and I got married, we were going through my room trying to purge when Tracy discovered my filing system. It was positioned neatly at the end of my bed with a quiet lovely piece of fabric draped across it. As far as anyone was concerned, it was a table of sorts. However, upon removing the piece of cloth one would find that it wasn’t a table at all, it was a vaccuum cleaner box. Well, I could hide it from Tracy no longer…I had to let him see what was inside the box. He opened it and found that instead of using my filing cabinet and folders to manage my credit card statements, bank statements, car payment receipts, old birthday cards, etc. I was just throwing them all into the vaccuum cleaner box, neatly closing it and placing the quiet lovely piece of fabric back on top of it. Instant table. Tracy pleaded with me to have this worked out before we said “I do.” So, I think this well illustrates that I am really good at giving the outward appearance of organization, but deep down, everything is a mess.

Anyway, back to last week. I knew something had gone awry when I began cleaning out closets, neatly folding clothes in my chest of drawers, buying shelves to organize shoes (I even put the shelves together), and just basically running through the house like a machine. The nesting conversation that I had with my friend about a year ago popped into my head. I decided to go online and look up nesting, just so I could fully understand what was happening to me. Here is just a piece of what I found out…

Around the fifth month of pregnancy, the “nesting” instinct can set in. This is an uncontrollable urge to clean one’s house brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for the new baby, to tie up loose ends of old projects and to organize your world. Nesting brings about some unique and seemingly irrational behaviors in pregnant women and all of them experience it differently.

Pay close attention to that last sentence and the words “irrational behavior.” For me, having an intense desire to clean and organize closets is irrational. That’s why closets have doors, you throw things in and close those doors – the appearance of organization but without all the effort. Not only have I had an insatiable urge to organize closets, but I have also decided that next week, I am going to organize and clean the entire kitchen. That means going through the junk drawer, the utensil drawer, and even that drawer that I never really open (not sure what’s in there). I have also informed Tracy of all the colors that I would like the house to be repainted in – blue for the living room, khaki and taupe for the nursery, khaki for the kitchen. I am going to create an oasis – serenity is the goal. Not only that, but I would like to have new kitchen countertops and a new dining room table. Whew! I don’t know how all this is going to end. Tracy wants me to hurry up and get all this done, he’s in heaven. He loves organization. I think he’s afraid that if I don’t keep working, I will lose my momentum.

It definitely appears that here I am in the middle of the nesting phase of pregnancy. Hopefully, I can stay focused and get my nest comfortably finished before our baby bird arrives.

Duo + One Makes Three

In a week and a half we leave for New York City!!!! NEW YORK CITY??? Yep, that’s right.

Tracy has been to the Big Apple before, but I never have. I cannot wait to experience the city lights, the culinary extravaganza, and just the excitement of being in a new place. Whenever we visit a new locale, I find that I always want to move there. I don’t know what it is, but there is this draw to pack our belongings into the Civic and start anew. This even happens sometimes on Sundays when I visit my dad in Loris. It doesn’t really matter if it’s the city or the country. Depending upon where we are, I characterize myself as a city girl or a country girl. Maybe it’s an identity crisis.

Speaking of crisis…I was suddenly hit the other day with a flood of emotions. I think I have handeled the whole pregnancy surprise with grace. I have been excited beyond belief, have not been sick, have not stopped doing the things I have always done, have not been an evil, dramatic pregnant lady, and have not let my emotions get the best of me. I dare say that I have even loved being pregnant and thought about just staying pregnant for the rest of my 30’s. But for some reason, the other day, I realized that I was over halfway through my pregnancy and that soon there would be a new little boy added to our family.

I was running around the house trying to get everything cleaned up before Jeff and Rhonda came over for dinner when all of a sudden reality hit. Tracy and I will never be alone again. I have said this on previous occasions, but never has it impacted me like it did on this occasion. Then I started thinking – we’ll never be able to just go on vacation again without worrying about our child. Next it was, oh my goodness if I choose to be a stay at home mom, who will I be. I never realized pre-pregnancy how much of my identity was tied to my job. As a matter of fact, I have complained for 8 years about my job and the stress that it creates, but looking back, I must admit there are aspects of my job that I absolutely love. Then I thought about how we would never be able to just rush out of the house. We’d have to dress the baby, feed the baby, pack the diaper bag, etc., etc. Finally, to top it all off, my mom’s death happened on July 2nd – 3 years ago. Dates don’t usually make me get emotional – I am not even bothered on Mother’s Day – It’s usually random days that get me. But, on this particular day, it hit me that my mom would not know her grandson, nor would Davis know her. So, I think I cried the entire time that I was cleaning the house. Just when it would stop, I’d have another thought and bam – the flood would begin again.

I’ve read tons of pregnancy articles about how it’s a good thing that we have nine months to get adjusted to the idea of a baby. That’s so true. Tracy and I have spent the last 8 married years and 4 before that just having each other. I guess I have been looking at that as a disadvantage. How could we possibly know how to live with another person added to the duo? But, how lucky for Davis that he is going to have parents who are best friends and know so much about each other. Despite all the emotions and worries, I am really looking forward to being a mommy and to Tracy being a daddy. What an awesome adventure we’re going to have.

Dramatic, Whiney Pregnant Lady

It’s funny – I wrote that entry yesterday about how Tracy keeps telling me not to overdo it. I don’t ever think I really overdo it. I believe I should be able to do the same things at the same pace that I did them before I was pregnant. It’s really difficult to accept that my body is in rebellion.

First let me say that yesterday was really, really hot and humid. It was something like 79 or 80 degrees at 7 AM. Despite the heat, I got up at around 6:30 AM and got ready to go on my usual morning walk. I ate breakfast, drank some water, laced my tennis shoes, and headed downstairs to meet Obea. We walked for 2 miles. I was getting really hot, but I didn’t complain. I do NOT want to be perceived as the dramatic, whiney pregnant girl. And again, pre-pregnancy, I walked 3 miles at a time, so cutting it down to 2 was my idea of “not overdoing it.” By the time our walk ended and I said good-bye to Obea and headed up the 3 flights of stairs to our third story condo, I realized that I was really, really hot and feeling a little queasy. “I’m okay, I thought. I’ll just take off my shoes and socks and lay on the floor to cool down,” which I did. I drank a little water and some iced tea. In no time, I was feeling better. Tracy once again reminded me that I was overdoing it.

I later took a shower and got dressed to go meet Tracy for lunch. We were planning to go the Chinese restaurant. I had been craving chinese food for a couple of days. After getting dressed, make-up applied, and hair coifed, I headed downstairs to my car. All was well. But, again, it was REALLY HOT! By this time it was noon and I’m guessing at least 95 degrees. I cranked the car and turned the AC wide open all the while thinking about the egg rolls and crab rangoon I was going to savor at the Chinese restaurant.

Up highway 17 I went, then to highway 544. Oh, about two tenths of a mile past Wal-Mart, I started feeling really queasy. Then came that hot/cold kind of sweat. Then I started getting even more queasy. Okay, I thought, I am really close to Tracy’s office, I can make it. Within the next 10 seconds, I decided that I probably was not going to make it even out of the car into the next gas station bathroom, I was just going to have to stop and hurl right in someone’s parking lot. “They’ll understand, I’m pregnant,” I resolved. I was getting closer to a place where I could actually pull over, when I started to hear static – my radio wasn’t on. Then, even though the sun was blazing, everything started to turn gray, then grayer, and I determined that eventually all was going to go black. I picked up the phone and dialed Tracy’s number. “Hello,” he said. “Um, I am about to black out and I am in the car driving. I am pulling over at Surfside Bakery, because I can’t really see to drive anymore,” I quickly said before the lights went completely out. “Stay there, I’m coming to get you,” he managed to blurt out before I hung up without saying good-bye. He apparently thought I had already passed out.

So, I make it to Surfside Bakery, put the car in neutral and raise the emergency brake. I still have enough foresight to lay my seat back and point the AC vents directly on me. Did I mention that for the last 5 and a half months I have been working really hard to not be perceived as a dramatic, whiney, pregnant lady?

After about oh, 1 minute or so, I don’t even think it was that long, I was fine. By the time Tracy got there (30 seconds later – he didn’t waste any time) I was sitting with my seat upright, looking out the window, smiling.

Needless to say, he was relieved that I was okay. He wasn’t sure what he was going to find upon arrival. He told me he thought he was going to have to pick me up out of my car and take me to the hospital. I commented about how fast he got to me. He said, “Yeah, well when you want me to come home in a hurry, you could pull another stunt like this.” Although, he also said that it wouldn’t work for very many times before he would start accusing me of “crying wolf.”

Once again this morning, as I was lacing up my tennis shoes, Tracy reminded me to not overdo it. I walked with Obea, but I did make sure to drink water and Gatorade. It was also a lot cooler outside and breezy. So far, I haven’t fainted or needed to call anyone to rush to my aid today, but it’s only noon. Oh the drama!

Eye Twitches on Steroids

I am at week 22 and this baby is wildly active especially when I am sitting still. He kicks and punches and I can just imagine him dancing around. I hope he has more rhythm that Tracy and me. We both stayed in the house all day yesterday and read books because it was rainy and we wanted to be lazy. I spent the time in between reading watching my belly jump around. It’s like having extra large muscle spasms in my belly. Some people said the movement would feel like butterflies – not sure where they got that. My friend Paola said it felt like a big gas ball – much more accurate than butterflies. But, to me it’s like that twitch you sometimes get on your eyebrow that you can’t control – except that twitch is on steroids. I love it though. A couple of ladies told me the other day that I would miss that feeling after the baby is born. I have been thinking about that wondering if I will really miss it or if I just love the reassurance that there is life inside me. I think I will be so distracted by this new being once he arrives that I will be taking care of, I won’t have time to miss the uncontrollable movements of my tummy.

The other day, I was getting ready to go eat lunch with my dad and I kept having this uncontrollable feeling that I had to pee. I would go to the bathroom and could produce nothing but a trickle. Ten minutes later, I felt like “Oh my goodness – I really have to pee this time.” I’d go to the bathroom – trickle, trickle. I finally decided that Little Davis was using my bladder as a footstool. The doctor said that he is upright – feet down position, but he should turn in the next trimester. I already knew his feet were down, because all the kicking was on my bladder.

I have so enjoyed being pregnant up to this point though. I told Tracy that I think I may want to stay pregnant. It’s nice not having to worry about sucking in your pooch when you wear a fitted shirt. Pregnancy allows you to just let it hang over your skirt or pants without feeling fat. It’s awesome. I have also loved (especially at school) how everyone tells you how cute or beautiful you look. I bet I heard that at least 10 times a day when I was working. I don’t know how anyone could tire of constant compliments.

So, Tracy thinks that if he pushes on my belly with his finger, the baby is reaching up to touch his hand. He is going to be such an amazing daddy. He is already so helpful and caring and understanding. I have been walking at least 4 to 5 days a week and he continually reminds me not to overdo it. He said the other day that I should just stay in the house until the baby is born. After about two days of me staying in the house, he would be begging me to get out and go shopping or visiting or something – I would be utterly crazy.

I decided to start reading my daily scriptures aloud today. When I was reading, Davis started moving around. I am going to believe that he can already hear our voices and learn from them. Gosh, it just occurred to me that when I go back to work in August he will definitely be able to hear. He’s going to be a student too! WOW! No telling how he’s going to turn out.


Amazing! There’s A Living, Breathing Person Inside ME!

It’s official – the baby has been identified.

A friend had told me a few weeks ago that just before going in for the ultrasound, I should drink orange juice. It supposedly would make the baby very active. I figured it was another one of those old wives’ tales – myths. But, hey, I’m game for most anything. So, on the way to the dr.’s office, I sipped some Tropicana. The baby started moving in the waiting room. I thought, oh no, the baby is going to tumble around, then as we are having the ultrasound he or she will be fast asleep, fetal position, legs closed.

Not too much time passed before they called us back. I did the routine – weigh and pee in a cup. I gained another 3 pounds by the way (10 pounds total). We were guided into the ultrasound room where we waited anxiously and contemplated the idea of twins. I think everyone thinks they are having twins at some point in the pregnancy. Dr. Bindner came in in a matter of minutes. After having a reassuring conversation about my spastic nature and my racing/palpitating heart, we were ready to begin.

She squirted the blue ultrasound goo on my belly and began to roll the imaging instrument across me. Immediately, an picture appeared…the baby’s butt, with legs spread wide open. Dr. Bindner asked, “Would ya’ll like to know the sex of the baby?” “Yes,” we replied excitedly. She kept moving the ultrasound around without saying a word. So, I said, “Can you tell what the sex of the baby is?” She said yes. Then she kept moving it around some more without a word. I think she was enjoying keeping us in suspense. Finally, I said, “Well, what is it?” “It’s a boy!!!!” I still wasn’t completely certain that she was certain of the sex, so I questioned, “Well, are you like 95% sure it’s a boy?” “Oh, no, I am 100% sure it’s a boy!” she replied with much certainty. This child was proudly displaying his package. All I could think about at that point was how excited Tracy’s dad and my dad were going to be. They were convinced the entire time that it was going to be a boy. Then the doctor showed us all the organs – we could actually see the chambers of the heart pumping blood. Before the ultrasound was over we were able to see an amazing profile of the baby with him reaching up his hand to touch his face – maybe he was saying hello to everyone. She could also see him hiccup.


The ultrasound was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Tracy said it was a good thing we didn’t have one of those machines at home, we’d never get anything done. Dr. Bindner also said that everything was completely normal and progressing as it should. After I heard “boy” and “normal”, I forgot to ask any other questions about the size of the baby or if my due date was still accurate. This experience truly made pregnancy real, although I still can’t even begin to wrap my brain around the whole idea that Tracy and I created this little person that is growing and learning and being shaped into a person inside me.

Tracy asked the other night if I thought baby’s could communicate with God when they are inside the womb. I know they have a spirit at this point. I bet little Davis is having the most profound conversations with his maker. Wish we could eavesdrop.

Week 18 Update

Today was my 18 week visit to the doctor. I have seen a different doctor each time which has been pretty neat. I really liked the one today. I am now at 123 – altogether I have gained 7 pounds. The nurse and doctor said that was great, since I am about halfway through. Halfway through….hard to believe. It seems like I just accepted the fact that I am pregnant and now I am already halfway through. Woah! Dr. Bindner also measured and said the baby is growing just as it should be at this point. The heart rate at this visit sounded even stronger than the previous two visits. (Click here to listen) The doctor said she wished she could take credit for her skill at finding it, but the heightened pounding sound was due to the baby’s growth. 140 beats per minute is the new number.

The whole pregnancy has been pretty uneventful which to me is fabulous. An uneventful pregnancy and delivery is what I would like everyone to be praying for. I think I may have felt the baby move today also. Kind of twinge sort of feeling in my left side.

June 19th at 3:00 PM is the reveal date. Be praying for a cooperative, outgoing baby who is eager to flash us all.

Baby Black Magic

Tracy’s dad and Patty (stepmom) spent a couple of nights with us last week. Everyone, including them, is so anxious to know if the baby is a boy or a girl. There really is no sure fire way to know without doing crazy tests with needles, so that’s out. However, when you work with a bunch of women, you learn about several methods that supposedly determine the sex of the baby. Everyone swears by them. I had heard about the pencil test, the drano test, the ring test, the needle test, and the list goes on. At breakfast with my in-laws on Friday morning, Patty began telling us about the pencil test and how it worked on everyone at her job. I don’t know who was more excited about doing the pencil test, Tracy or his dad. So, when we got home I pulled out a pencil, some string, and a sewing needle. The object is to rig up these three items and create a dangling baby prediction device. You hold the threaded pencil over the pregnant person’s right wrist. If the pencil begins to move in a pendulum motion, the baby is a boy. If it moves in a circle, it’s a girl. Tracy patiently held the pencil over my wrist and waited for it to stop spinning. Finally, the pencil stopped, then it begin to take on a swinging pendulum motion. Tracy’s dad says he knows it’s going to be a boy. His theory is that if the first born on both parents’ sides of the family is a boy, the expectant mother will also have a boy. If both are girls, oh you get the picture. So, I don’t know. I do know we still don’t have a boy name, and if we don’t come up with one, we may have to resort to Chris Johnston’s list which will create a lifetime of questions for our child. 3 more weeks and we will see if the ultrasound method gets us any closer to being at least 90% sure of the sex.

Reversible Underwear and Tagless Shirts

Tracy has a Treo – a sort of Palm Pilot and phone all wrapped into one. Before that he had a standard Palm Pilot. Even before all the technology, he had a planner. Tracy has always needed these things to help him make it to appointments or remember to pick up things or remember to call people, etc. I am the complete opposite. I have never been able to effectively use a planner or even a desk calendar. It seems cumbersome. My mind is like a steel trap. I can remember appointments months out, telephone numbers, even what you didn’t eat when you came to my house for dinner two years ago. Well, that was true until this pregnancy thing took over ever aspect of my entire self.

You see, not only does pregnancy change your outer appearance, it changes what’s going on inside as well. I haven’t been cranky or moody or really even teary-eyed, like all the books said I would be. But, boy oh boy, have I felt completely stupid. I can’t remember names of things. For example before writing this entry, I had to go look at Tracy’s phone and see what it is called. I can’t remember appointments. I always used to throw away those little appointment cards that you get at the doctor’s office. Not anymore, I keep them right in my wallet and look at them several times before the appointment. What’s worse is that in the past when I have been around pregnant friends, this aspect of pregnancy has been what I have taunted them about. I have laughed at them and given them the “what in this world are you thinking” look when they have done things that seemed blonde. I guess I should offer them a sincere apology, because now I am in the same boat.

I’ve read that the memory loss is a result of hormonal changes combined with a preoccupation with this baby that’s growing inside me. It also has to be exhaustion I would imagine. It could be that this other brain that I am now growing in my belly is commanding that my brain cells join its army. I don’t know, but I do know in the past couple of weeks in addition to forgetting things, I have also been known to say and do some “duh” sorts of things.

About two weeks ago, while I was getting dressed, Tracy looked at me and said, “You have your underwear on inside out.” Okay, honest mistake. I fixed them. However, the next day when I got to work and went to the restroom, my underwear were on inside out again. What in the world? That hasn’t been the last time it’s happened either. Just last week, while I was sitting down at the lunch table with some fellow teachers, I looked down and saw a tag sticking out of the front of my shirt. Tags go in the back, not the front. Immediately, the ladies at the table said, “Oh, she’s pregnant.” I wonder what it will be this week…two different shoes, missing earring. I just hope I remember to get fully dressed in the mornings.

I totally wasn’t expecting to be like this. I expected to become an emotional mess, but to not be able to get dressed appropriately in the mornings…Maybe I will go buy some tagless shirts and reversible underwear.

Legless Chicken

My belly is getting big. I have now outgrown Tracy by a couple of centimeters. I think I have heard from my kids at school about a million and five times, “You are getting bigger.” Don’t they know that is going to happen? One lady at work the other day said, “You have gotten big quicker than anyone I have ever seen.” I think it’s because we waited until I was 3 months pregnant to tell everyone. Now, school is getting ready to be out, I am going to grow even more over the summer, and come back to work HUGE. To them, it will feel like I’ve only been pregnant for about 4 months by the time I have the baby. This will be the fastest pregnancy ever.

I thought the second trimester would bring lots of energy, but all I have wanted to do is sleep, sleep, sleep. I don’t feel guilty about it though. Everyone keeps reminding me that sleep will be like finding a precious gem after the baby comes.

My cravings haven’t really changed all that much. I do absolutely hate Nip Chee crackers now, though. What’s funny is that for snacks, I want real food. Like, the other day in Wal-mart, I went in to get items to make a salad for dinner, but all I could smell was rotisserie chicken. I felt like one of those cartoon characters that follows the smell of whatever it is he wants, maybe like Garfield with his lasagna. Anyway, I followed the smell right over to the deli, got my rotisserie chicken and ate the legs as a snack. So now we have a legless chicken in our refigerator.

I finally bought a pair of maternity pants. They are awesome. Brown cropped cargos. I think buying those made me feel even more pregnant. Auntie Carol tried to help me in my quest for comfy, but cute clothes. It didn’t work out though, because after trying on all the clothes she picked up for me, we realized that I don’t wear a small anymore. I told her I did, but I guess I was just in denial. Trying them on brought me back to reality – small, junior size clothes don’t really work on a 4 month (soon to be 5 month) pregnant body.

June 1st is my next appointment. I don’t think they are doing anything at all. It’s one of those, “Why am I here?” appointments. But, two weeks later I get to find out if it’s a boy or a girl, so I am praying that Baby Floyd gets an identity and we can stop calling him/her “It.” Any ideas for boy names? We already have a girl name picked, but boy names have provided us with a challenge. Remember I have been teaching for eight years, so we need something unique.