Party Like A Superhero

Several things have happened over the last few months.

Davis has become completely obsessed with Spider-Man. He’ll run up to me and yell “Daddy, you’re Batman — I’m Spider-Man…” and then we’re off on some adventure. I take Davis to school every morning, so we usually stuff something into the door jam of our front door (anything will do… folded-paper, a small toy, one of Michelle’s foam make-up brushes, etc… it all just serves as one of my Batman gadgets) and we run around the corner, push a button on my cell phone and “BOOM!” blow the thing off its hinges so we can get outside and on our way. Yeah, that’s the way we roll.

So this year, Davis’ birthday fell on a Saturday and we imposed on our wonderful friends Paul and Obea and setup in their backyard.

Being that Davis was born on Halloween and that Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, we decided to have an all-out costume party. Davis, of course, wanted to be Spider-Man. His best buddy Ayden is going through a Superman phase, so things worked out perfectly.

Boom! POW! Crash!

We did some crafts like pumpkin painting, ate some fun food Michelle prepared. Then after dark we terrorized the neighborhood and went trick-or-treating. All in all it was a great time!

Another great birthday in the books!


The Big Wuuuuun

A week or so ago, we took an excursion to the park in Conway. After playing on the kiddie playsets for a few minutes we slowly made our way to what Davis referred to as “The Big Wuuuuun.” There, nestled near a group of trees in the backside of the park like a large dragon lying in wait, was a thing from which legends (and heroes) are made.

dsc_0479 dsc_0418 dsc_0476 dsc_0422

After properly sizing up his opponent, Davis made his way to the backside of the slide, and slowly crept up the ladder. He carefully conquered rung after rung until reaching the top, where he paused for a long while surveying the park below.

Three seconds later and it was over. Of course, upon reaching the bottom, Davis immediately said “doot gin?” And so we played on the “Big Wuuuuun” for the rest of the afternoon. By the end of the day we even had PaPa enjoying a quick slide… and of course I had to ride the wild squirrel.