Silas Turns 7

This year, Silas turned 7. When I look at his face, I still see a 4 year old, my sweet baby. But alas, he’s 7. Silas still loves art and will oftentimes go sit at his art table by himself and draw and color even when his brother is begging to play with him. He loves board games and likes to play the ones that take patience and commitment, like Risk or Monopoly. He’s a dancer. If a song with a good beat comes on, he can’t help himself, the music takes over his whole being. Silas is a sweet snuggler, full of hugs and kisses. He doesn’t want me to leave the house in the mornings before he has gotten his daily hug. At the same time, he can be feisty and hot-tempered. If he gets tired or angry, look out, he’s a raging bull. Silas is a reader and will read and read and read until we stop him or until sleep takes over. He loves school, not always admitting it though, and is eager to be challenged and learn new things. His personality is infectious. Tracy went on a field trip with him the other day, and said that all the kids in his group were vying for his attention – Silas, come look at this…Silas lets go over here…Silas look at me. One little boy asked Tracy, “How’d you make Silas so smart?” Truthfully, this boy brings is such a joy. I am thankful that God chose me to be his mama.

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