This year Silas wrote a lengthy letter to Santa. In his letter, he did not make any requests for gifts. Instead, he bombarded Santa with an abundance of questions. Much to Silas’s surprise, Santa responded to his letter, answering most of his questions. Silas found the response rolled up and tied with a ribbon, nestled in the limbs of his Christmas tree. He was initially curious, not understanding what the scroll was exactly. Finally, he untied the bow and unrolled the scroll, skimmed to the bottom of the letter to find that it was, in fact, an authentic letter, addressed to him and signed – Santa. We asked what he had received. He immediately raced into his room proclaiming, “You wouldn’t understand.” Silas needed privacy to read his letter. After finishing, he came back into the living room, letter in hand, and sat on the couch looking stunned, blankly staring into space, processing what had just happened. Eventually, Silas did let us read the letter. I am still not sure he knows what to think. He asked me what he should do with this surprise letter. I told him I wasn’t sure. So, he rolled it back up, replaced the bow, and tucked it back into the limbs of his Christmas tree.

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