Silas (As he is hugging me and rubbing my arm): Mommy, your skin is so soft. I wish I could take it make my own clothes out of it.

I didn’t have words for him. His sentiment was sweet, but the image of it all was a little creepy.

Davis Turns 11

Davis turned 11 yesterday. Today we got an email saying he had “aged out” of the Kids Skate Free program. I really don’t like that phrase “aged out.” It sounds so much like he’s not a kid anymore. When I look at him sometimes, I see a boy on his way to manhood, an almost teenager. But then other times, I look at him and he’s a baby, so much to learn still. This year has been a year of changes for Davis. He’s grown so much physically. He’s as tall as me and wears the same size shoes. I can steal t-shirts from his closet. He has started to care about his hair, using hair gel and hairspray to make sure his style is perfect before leaving the house. He cares about shoes, jewelry, and name brand clothing. There were glimpses of all these concerns pretty early on, but now he is very passionate about making sure his appearance is just so. Davis loves baseball. He was the starting pitcher for his team this fall season. He loves video games but hates reading. He feels so deeply all the time it seems. He has a few close friends whom he loves and wants to spend every moment with. He says he doesn’t like girls, but I am not sure I believe him because of the smirk that appears on his face when his friends are talking about certain girls in his class. This year, we chose not to have a party. Davis wanted to go to Great Wolf Lodge instead. It was the perfect weekend of waterslides, MagiQuest, ice cream, pizza, and trick or treating around the hotel. I sometimes wish I could make time stand still but then I am reminded that every season is special and unique and that it’s best just to enjoy every aspect of it while it lasts.