This past week Silas turned 6. Six seems so big to me. Based on my experience with Davis, life just speeds up after 6. Because I know this, I have taken the time this week to spend any chance I could snuggling with Silas, trying not to miss a second of this sweet time with him.

Five was a growing year for Silas – he started Kindergarten, lost his first tooth, memorized all the books of the Old Testament, learned to really read, and to wipe his own butt after a traumatic experience at school. He loves art, sometimes choosing to sit at our kitchen counter and draw and color instead of playing. He is a movie buff and will watch the same movie repeatedly. I can’t decide if he is memorizing lines or watching the movie over and over in an effort to eat more popcorn. Pokemon is his obsession right now and he has no patience with people who can’t really play the game. He loves his stuffed Pichu, Joseph, Ice Bat, and costumed Pikachu, taking them to bed with him every night. Every morning, Silas wants to ride to school with me even though it means he has to get up at least 30 minutes earlier. He is my boy who gets intensely angry at the drop of a hat, but loves just as deeply.

I sometimes wish I could slow life down, but each year brings it’s own sweet and unique gifts. I can’t wait to see what 6 brings.