Davis thinks girls are weird and gross. He doesn’t think they are pretty and wants nothing to do with them. Silas, on the other hand, thinks girls are amazing. He loves when they chase him at recess and even asks them to pursue him. Since beginning kindergarten, he has convinced himself that several girls in his class “like” him, just as the ones in preschool did. So, the other day he informed us that he asked these girls if they “liked” him. They responded with a “No” – they just like playing with him at recess. I am sure this “No” response would make their fathers very happy. Silas, not to be detoured or rejected, began to explain to them why he is such a catch. He explained that he is not the average kindergartener (his words). He detailed how he can read books that are beyond what a kindergartner should be reading. In addition, he knows how to multiply. Now, these girls didn’t change their minds. But, maybe one day, when Silas is the CEO of his company, these girls will see the error in their ways. Silas, I am sure, will remind them of this encounter in kindergarten when he tried to tell them he was a catch.

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