Silas has turned 5 and with that, he has learned to deliver out very severe ultimatums when he doesn’t get his way. The other night at Chic Fil A, a very tired Silas decided he wanted to watch Flushed Away when he got home. As it was already 8 PM, Tracy explained that we would not be watching Flushed Away, but would instead be going to sleep when we got home. Silas did not like that answer and began to explain to Tracy in a very serious manner, that if he did not allow him to watch Flushed Away, that Tracy would not be allowed to sleep again until we all watched the movie. Tracy explained to Silas that he was not the boss and could not tell us all what to do. This exchange went on for some time. Tracy won the battle and Silas ended up in tears. But, it hasn’t stopped him from thinking that his creative ultimatums will give him the results he wants.

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