Fortune Cookie Surprise

Davis qualified for gifted and talented this year. This was really an accomplishment for Davis since he didn’t qualify in second grade and many of his friends did. He is an overachiever and really struggled with the fact that his test scores missed the mark by one percentile point. So, this year we had him retested and sure enough, he made it. Since this was such a big deal, we decided to surprise him with the news. On a random weekday night, we headed to Osaka, Davis’s favorite restaurant. We took our time and enjoyed our meal, both boys eating enough noodles to make their bellies pop. At the end of the meal, the waitress brought over our fortune cookies. We cracked them open and Tracy read his silently. He immediately realized that he had Davis’s and handed the fortune slip over to him. It read, “Congratulations Davis, you made it into gifted and talented.” On the back, Chinese characters spelled out the word “Smart.” Davis read it and a slow smile spread across his face. Then, he looked at all of us, dumbfounded. “How did the people at Osaka find out that I qualified for GT?” he questioned. We, of course, had no idea. He said, “You guys called them ahead of time.” I had to explain that the people at Osaka speak very limited English and there’s no way we could have conveyed this information to them effectively. Try as he may, he could not figure out how this fortune came to be. It was a perfect way to surprise our little genius.


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