Bedtime Chart

Davis and Silas think they own our house. They literally think every part belongs to them, including our bed. Davis has gotten into our bed virtually every night for the past 5 years. Silas has been the opposite, staying in his bed all night and even waiting in his bed in the morning until we come get him. Recently though, Silas started waking up in the middle of the night and quietly making his way into our room and straight into our bed. By the time we all woke up in the morning, there were 4 people in our very unaccomodating queen sized bed. Since both boys have been asking for various things lately, I came up with the seemingly brilliant plan of a bedtime chart. For each night they boys stayed in their beds, they received a sticker on their bedtime chart. After 10 days in a row of stickers, they could get a treat – a trip to the ice cream shot, a pack of their favorite cards, something in the $5 range. The first night was bliss. Both boys stayed in their beds, we woke up refreshed, we celebrated, we praised. I was hopeful. The second night, Davis showed up in our bed. At this point, I realized Day 1 was probably just a fluke for him. The next day, I said, Davis you don’t need to get 10 consecutive stickers, just get 10. We really are desperate for just a few nights of uninterrupted sleep. Nights 2 and 3, Silas, who is motivated by treats and the promise of shopping, stays in his bed. Davis, who is motivated by hugs and touch and who doesn’t care so much about things, returns to our bed. Day 4… a repeat of Days 2 and 3. Day 5, Silas is celebrating because he is halfway to a reward. Day 5, Davis is sleeping soundly, cuddled up to us in our bed. At least my brilliant idea worked for one child.

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