So, Davis has never been to the ER, not once. However, Silas has now visited this place twice in less than a year. The first time, he could not breathe, so that was a necessary visit. Breathing is essential. Now the most recent visit, I don’t know how necessary it really was. You see, Davis slammed Silas’s thumb in the car door. Like slammed it, shut it all the way closed and then had to open it back up to get his thumb out. I heard the cries and knew immediately what had happened. When I looked at this poor baby’s thumb, it looked crushed. All I could think was, “They are seriously going to amputate this.” I threw Silas in his car seat, called Tracy and rushed to the ER. Silas was in the back seat alternating between sobs and saying, “This really hurts. What are they going to do to me? Are they going to make it hurt worser?” Davis was yelling, “This is all my fault. I am going to cry now.” By the time we navigated spring break Myrtle Beach traffic and made it to the ER, Silas could wiggle his thumb, but it was swollen and pretty bruised. Everyone agreed it needed to be x-rayed because of fractures, growth plates, and not to mention, a thumb is pretty essential. Not as essential as breathing, but try picking up stuff without the use of your thumb. Not an easy task. Not to mention the impossibility of texting without a thumb. Can you imagine? So, Silas bravely sat in the emergence room, bravely drank the electric orange ibuprofen, bravely traveled to the x-ray room in the oversized wheel chair, and bravely returned with no fracture and no growth plate damage. So, we are all good. Silas was using his thumb later than night and by the next day, you would have to look pretty close to even notice any damage. Was this ER trip necessary, it sure felt like it at the time.