My child may be learning to tell lies and it may be our fault.

We have suggested, even encouraged Davis to lie. “Now when  you open your gift, even if you don’t like it, you still thank the giver and say how much you like it.” I am sure many parents say this same thing to their children. I know we all do it to teach gratitude and to avoid having our children seem bratty, but it still teaches them to lie. This polite little lying has translated into other “polite” lies for Davis.

A few weeks ago, we were putting up our Christmas decorations. I decorated the guest bathroom and asked Davis to go take a look at it. He stood at the doorway and studied my newly decorated room. Little did he know, I was standing right behind him. He was peering into the room, whispering, “That looks terrible. It looks like Halloween.” Finally, sensing that I was behind him, he turned around and said loudly, “It looks great!” After telling him that I heard his initial reaction, he explained that he didn’t know I was standing there listening.

He has also recently lied about clothing. “Yes Mommy, that outfit looks great!” when really, I knew it didn’t.

So, hopefully, these lies won’t translate into other areas. At this point, I feel like he is on the road to being a good husband at the very least. I mean really, do women want their husbands to say, that looks terrible?

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