Prayers with Silas

Tonight Silas decided to sleep with his sword/ax weapon. This was after I forced him to run through the dark living room on an errand to Davis’s room. “I’m scared,” he said. Very tired and frustrated, I replied, “What do you think is going to happen? There’s nothing in the there, just go!” Now, if this had been Davis, he simply would have refused, but Silas will basically do as he is told. So, he grabbed his sword/ax weapon and went tearing through the dark, monster ridden-living room. After the errand was completed, I heard him blazing a trail back to my room through the darkness, ax still in hand. He jumped into bed and declared that he was sleeping with the ax. After finishing two books, one of which was my old Wizard of Oz picture book with a talking head, no body, just a head (no wonder the boy is scared), I asked him what he would like to pray for. He rambled off his usual list – Pray that Mommy and Daddy and Davis and Silas will be safe, Pray that my booboo will get better faster (the booboo is usually already healed but we pray anyway,) Pray that we will have a good day, etc., then ended with, “Please pray that my sword/ax will get bigger,” no doubt to slay all the ominous, menacing monsters that reside in the dark corners of our house.

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