A few weeks ago we attended my brother’s wedding. For Silas, this was his first wedding experience. Davis has been to one other when he was about Silas’s age. Lucky for us, our brother’s wedding was short and to the point, much unlike ours where we had praise and worship, communion, and an altar call. I hope no one brought babies or toddlers to ours because it would have been utter torture for the parents.
At my brothers wedding, we filed into the church, sat quietly and waited for the bride to arrive. She did on cue and after everyone was ready, the pastor began with the typical wedding vows. Silas fidgeted in his seat, but Davis watched on soaking it all in. Finally, the pastor asked, “Do you Terry take Linda to be your lawfully wedded wife?” at which time Davis leaned over to me and whispered, “Or would your rather have NEW car?” Right on cue. It took all that was within me to not be the perpetrator who causes the unexpected disturbance that happens at every wedding. I held it together, but gosh is that boy funny.

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