Family Kingdom

Summer Memory

Last year, we missed going to Family Kingdom, so this year, before school started, we made it a point to go. Every year prior to this year, we have convinced Davis to ride the Log Flume, a ride that I loved when I was child. Every year, Davis has ridden it once and decided it was not his thing, that maybe he would like it when he was a year older. So this year, we rode it and it was the magic year…he loved it and wanted to ride it again and again and again. We arrived at 4PM and closed Family Kingdom down with one last ride of the Log Flume! He still says he won’t ride big roller coasters with me, but I am determined to convince him otherwise.

On a side note…Tracy and I rode the large, white, ancient, wooden roller coaster. I would not recommend it. I swear the thing jumped off the tracks. I finally just closed my eyes because I was sure we were plummeting to our deaths. When we finally got off the ride from hell, we felt like we had seriously been in a car accident. Not good, not good.

On another side note…Silas loved the canoes. When we went back to Family Kingdom after eating dinner, Silas wanted to ride those canoes, one last time.

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