Cell Phone

We have always felt like Davis was an old soul. He is observant, he ponders, he worries, he analyzes. We have even felt like he was a teenager at some times, trapped in a 5, 6, or 7 year old’s body. Today confirmed this even more. He was in the back seat and said, “That’s why I need a cell phone. So I can call you if I ever get lost.” Now, I am sure that’s the same reasoning that many kids give their parents when they decide they need a cell phone. Alas, he won’t be getting one, but seriously, isn’t 7 a little early to even be asking?

Family Kingdom

Summer Memory

Last year, we missed going to Family Kingdom, so this year, before school started, we made it a point to go. Every year prior to this year, we have convinced Davis to ride the Log Flume, a ride that I loved when I was child. Every year, Davis has ridden it once and decided it was not his thing, that maybe he would like it when he was a year older. So this year, we rode it and it was the magic year…he loved it and wanted to ride it again and again and again. We arrived at 4PM and closed Family Kingdom down with one last ride of the Log Flume! He still says he won’t ride big roller coasters with me, but I am determined to convince him otherwise.

On a side note…Tracy and I rode the large, white, ancient, wooden roller coaster. I would not recommend it. I swear the thing jumped off the tracks. I finally just closed my eyes because I was sure we were plummeting to our deaths. When we finally got off the ride from hell, we felt like we had seriously been in a car accident. Not good, not good.

On another side note…Silas loved the canoes. When we went back to Family Kingdom after eating dinner, Silas wanted to ride those canoes, one last time.


Yesterday, Davis had a cup turned upside down in the back seat, the leftover drops of water from inside falling onto the already stained and gross backseat. I turned around and said, “Davis, are you pouring water onto the backseat?” To which Silas responded, “It’s not water, it’s ice.” I said, “Well, ice is water.” Silas immediately shot back, “No, it’s wet and it’s cold, so it’s ice.” And then, he added, “Just call me a genius.”

How’s That Fair

Davis loves American Ninja Warrior. From the first time he watched the show this summer, he knew he wanted to be a ninja. Immediately, he began practicing his ninja moves…climbing up doorways, jumping from couch to chair without touching the floor, hanging from ledges. Then school started, and he began spending his entire recess on the monkey bars. He got a couple of blisters and Aunt Carol told him that his hands would get tough if he just kept at it, calluses would appear and then his hands wouldn’t hurt anymore. Davis took that as incentive to work harder and get more and more blisters. I have never seen a child become so intent on an activity. So, I started thinking, well, a lot of ninjas are gymnast…let’s enroll Davis in gymnastics. I asked Davis if he would like to give it a try, we toured a few facilities and he was super excited to start gymnastics, a reaction we had never gotten from any other sport. Only…Silas was also watching ANW too, and had aspirations of also being the next super ninja as well. When he realized that Davis was going to join gymnastics, his first response was, “How’s that fair?” “How does Davis get to go to gymnastics and I don’t?” I am pretty sure our days of allowing Davis to do a sport while Silas looks on, are over. Fairness has been discovered. So, they are both in gymnastics, learning to be ninjas, begging to go to the gym every single day. I just hope I can keep up.