Conversations with Silas

Conversation #1

Mommy: Silas, I am sleepy.

Silas (as he is looking at his Lego book): Well, go to sleep.

Mommy: When are you going to sleep?

Silas: When I finish looking at this book.

After which he looked at the entire book, laid it down, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Conversation #2

Mommy: I love you!

Silas: I don’t love you. I want to go live with Nana and Grandpa.

Mommy: I am calling her right now to come get you.

Silas: Should I go to sleep while I am waiting for her to get here?

Conversation #3

Silas (screaming in the morning from his crib): MOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYYY!

Tracy walks into the room.

Silas: I don’t want you, I want Mommy, but I’ll take you.

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