Conversations with Silas

Conversation #1

Mommy: Silas, I am sleepy.

Silas (as he is looking at his Lego book): Well, go to sleep.

Mommy: When are you going to sleep?

Silas: When I finish looking at this book.

After which he looked at the entire book, laid it down, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Conversation #2

Mommy: I love you!

Silas: I don’t love you. I want to go live with Nana and Grandpa.

Mommy: I am calling her right now to come get you.

Silas: Should I go to sleep while I am waiting for her to get here?

Conversation #3

Silas (screaming in the morning from his crib): MOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYYY!

Tracy walks into the room.

Silas: I don’t want you, I want Mommy, but I’ll take you.

We are a Team

Both my boys love games. Card games, board games, dominoes, anything that is competitive. Davis, especially, loves to win. He has convinced Silas that every game is a team game and that Silas is his teammate. So, if Silas can attack another player, Davis convinces him to gang up on all the other players. Silas believes every word Davis says, so he does it. This ultimately leads to Davis winning, because Davis is totally willing to take Silas out in the end. At some point, Silas will learn though, and I feel like Davis’s strategy just might backfire.


We were in a really cool toy store today. Davis wanted to make a purchase. He struggled over several games, then totally left the section of the store that featured “stuff” for him. I walked over to him and said, “Did you decide not to buy anything?” He replied, “I am still looking.” Then he breathed in a deep, slow, raspy breath and responded in his best ent voice, “Doooonnnn’tttt beeeeee haaaaaaasty.”