Top 10 Things I Learned in Italy

2014-06-28 06-11-55

  1. Do NOT take things from strangers – even ones carrying exceedingly cute babies.
  2. Cars, no matter how small, are not meant to be driven on sidewalks.
  3. Speaking to Italians in Italian will get you a lot farther than speaking to Italians in Spanish.
  4. Italians give very brief instructions that may or may not get you to your expected destination…Drive straight into town actually translates as drive straight, turn left, make a sharp right, then a U-turn…then ask for help.
  5. If you are expecting a road trip to take 10 minutes, plan for an hour.
  6. If you are riding a high speed train, and the train slows down at your destination, do not hesitate, press the button and jump out.
  7. Pedestrians have the right of way although the car headed toward you will stop suddenly only when it is within one centimeter of your body.
  8. Gelato is better than ice cream and is best eaten everyday although it may not be worth walking 2 hours for.
  9. Dinner is an event that only begins at around 8:30 at night and is expected to last hours. The diner may have to ask for his or her check or risk still being at dinner the next day.
  10. The wine in Italy is cheap and delicious and, like the gelato, is best consumed everyday.