Ever since Davis was two, I have tried to find a sport for him to be interested in. We tried soccer, he hated it. The next year, we tried tee-ball, he hated it. After that, I made him attend basketball camp for a week, he got hit in the nose with the ball and, well…hated it. I finally let him take a year off. Well, this year, he decided to try baseball – machine pitch. He wasn’t totally sure about it at first, but over time, he really enjoyed it. He’s actually pretty good too. He only struck out once and was one of the best players in the field, always paying attention to where the ball was going and ready to make a play. I have asked if he would like me to sign him up for the fall league. He says no – I think he is a one season kind of kid, which is something I have to just get over and let him be. I think my rule is just going to have to be, if you start the season, you finish the season. Now, he’s decided (all on his own) that he’s going to try basketball during the winter. I can’t wait!


Silas is in a game phase right now. He literally would sit and play games for hours if we would agree to it. His favorites are Candyland, Old Maid, Go Fish, and Memory Games, especially his alphabet memory game. He is great a Memory. His dad, myself, and other random adults seem to be not so great at it. Silas usually wins. About halfway through the game, upon realizing that he will surely win, he starts with comments such as, “I’m whipping you, ” or “Oh yeah,” or “I’m on a roll.” He’s a competitor for sure. Old Maid is a different story, he usually loses. After the cards are dealt, he notifies everyone, with a very dismayed face, that he has the old maid. If he doesn’t have it, he also notifies everyone. At some point, though, he usually ends up with it and seems to keep it till the end. I guess you can’t win them all.