New York City

Back in January, we took a trip to New York City! Who does that – January in New York. I am certain I will never do it again. The only place I will ever go in January again is somewhere tropical.

While we were in NYC, we did many of the tourist type things – water taxi tour to see the Statue of Liberty, Natural History Museum, a very long stroll around Central Park, the Nintendo and Lego Stores, Toys R Us for the indoor ferris wheel ride, and Rockefeller Center to watch the ice skaters. I think the favorite parts of NYC for the boys though were all the free things – the free entertainment in Central Park and at various subway stops – singers, one man band, break dancers, many men bands, etc. Davis loved the street performers. Both boys also loved the lights and masses of people and noise and the snow – of course the snow. It poured snow, something they had never seen. The very tiny front lawn of our hotel was covered with the perfect white powder. They both threw snowballs at each other and made snow angels, and I think would have stayed out in it long enough to get frost bitten if we had let them. We rode just about every mode of transportation – airplane, private car, taxi, subway, and then a train to get back home. On our final night in NYC, I told the boys we would be leaving in the morning (something I was very anxious to do). They were both disappointed…Davis said, “I don’t want to leave, I love it here.” Silas said, “Nooooo, I wike dis pwace.” So, there first experience in a city was a success, although I feel like that maybe we now have a couple of city boys on our hands.



Silas has been in speech therapy for almost a year now and we have seen great improvements in our ability to understand him. Here is a list of things of a few things that are spoken clear as a bell:

Dadis – Davis

I hate that or I hate you – depending on if it’s a type of food he doesn’t like or if Davis has done something to him

One, two, three – he can count all the way to thirteen!

Lollipop – with all the “L”s even

I want to pway with you

There are lots of others, but these are just  the sweetest. For a long time all he said was vowels, making it very difficult to translate. I am so thankful for his team of therapist that make it possible for us to communicate with him and begin to see his funny personality even clearer.


Two weeks ago, Davis came home from school and all he wanted to do was read. On our 30 second drive home from school, he kept saying, “I can’t wait to get home and read my book.” The book he wanted to read was one from the Magic Treehouse series, and sure enough when we got home, he started reading. He read for a couple of days and finished that book, his first chapter book. Tracy and I love that and feel like we must have at least done one thing right in our rearing of our first born.