The other day Davis and I were dancing in the living room. Sometimes we do a sweet slow dance, but on this particular day, Davis was doing a crazy fast dance and twirling and swinging me around so much my arm hurt. I informed him that he may need dance lessons before he went to the prom. “What’s the prom, Mommy?” was the question. I explained that for this dance event, you pick a girl you like, ask her to be your date, buy her a flower for her wrist, get all dressed up, and go to the dance together. Davis said, “I will just take you Mommy!” Of course my heart melted. I am writing this down, because when it comes prom time, I am going to remind him of this. We’ll see if I still am his first pick for a date!

The Outhouse

Davis loves it when he gets a laugh. If he says something funny, you will be certain to here it at least 10 more times that day alone. There was an episode of Spongebob once where he split his pants and everyone laughed, so he kept doing it over and over until he basically had no friends anymore. So, when Davis gets going with his repetitive funnies – we say, “Careful Davis, you are splitting your pants.” He knows exactly what we mean. The other night, we were going to use an Outback gift card. Davis was talking about the restaurant and said, “What am I going to eat at the Outhouse?” Of course we started laughing, so Outback was referred to as the Outhouse all night long. Davis definitely split his pants!

You might have a boy if…

My boys love to show off their poop. I don’t get this weird obsession, primarily, I think, because I am a girl. Virtually every time Davis poops, I get summoned to the bathroom so that he can show me the largest poop I have ever seen. He’s so proud, sometimes he doesn’t even flush it. Silas isn’t much different. He calls me in when he’s finished, so I can wipe his butt, not necessarily to show off his poop. However, the other day, I exclaimed, “Those are big poopies!” To which he responded, “Thank you.” He just knew that I was super impressed. So, you might have a boy if showing off poop is one of the proudest moments of the day.