I love…

  1. the smell of Davis’ hair after he takes a bath.
  2. that Davis has to give me a butterfly kiss, an eskimo kiss, and a people kiss before we depart.
  3. Davis’s guacamole goodbye.
  4. laying in the bed past 8 o’clock when Davis goes to spend the night with Nana and Grandpa.
  5. clean sheets.
  6. fizzy drinks with salt and pepper potato chips.
  7. springing forward and longer spring days
  8. dates with my husband
  9. gifts – any kind, big, small, surprise, etc.
  10. Middleton Place – one of my favorite weekend getaway places
  11. going out of town in general – I have tried to get Tracy to let’s sell everything and purchase an RV and become gypsies
  12. shoes and dresses
  13. snuggly silas
  14. fresh flowers
  15. seeing Davis and Silas play together
  16. the look in Silas’s eyes when we pick Davis up from school
  17. the Bistro
  18. afternoon naps
  19. having family over on Sunday afternoons
  20. quiet moments by myself
  21. a clean house
  22. that tired, salty feeling you get after going to the beach
  23. frozen York peppermint patties
  24. jewelry
  25. a clean car with a tank full of gas
  26. warm, milky coffee on cold mornings

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