Date Night

Davis and I went on a just-the-two-of-us date last night. He got to pick everywhere he wanted to go. We started out at Red Robin where he ordered Mac and Cheese. Mac and Cheese at a burger place. I tried to dissuade him, but he settled on the mac and cheese probably because he never gets to eat this. We played all the games on the kid’s menu and enjoyed our food. Our waiter took awhile to get back to our table with the check so Davis started getting antsy and ended up under the table. I tried to explain to him how difficult it is to talk to your date when he is under the table. He eventually came out and our waiter thankfully came back. Maybe next time I will just get under the table with him…that’s what a cool date would do.

After dinner, we headed to the Melting Pot so that Davis could experience chocolate utopia. We decided to share our dessert – all the perfect things you can dip into dark chocolate. I was totally satisfied with the cheesecake and strawberries. Davis was able to down all the rest – marshmallows, brownie, and pound cake. I asked him if the experience was as wonderful as he had hoped. “Wonderfuller,” was his response.

That was supposed to be the finale of our date, but when we got into the car at 9:00 PM, Davis said, “I’m not ready to go home,” sign of a good date, right? I gave him the options of going to the arcade or going to play putt putt. It was sprinkling rain, so I thought the arcade was the better choice of the two. Davis chose putt putt. I questioned, “But what if it starts raining really hard?” Davis responded, “Let’s be adventurous!” He then let me know that their could be a meteor shower too. I think he was making the point that anything could happen out there on the putt putt course and that we shouldn’t let the what ifs detour us from having a good time. So we went to Spy Glass and played putt putt in the sprinkling rain all the way to hole 15 when we entered a dry cave, played two dry holes then headed back out side to hole 18 where it was pouring rain – gigantic drops, enough to drench us! We quickly putted that last hole and ran through the rain to return our clubs and head through the flooded parking lot to our car. We hopped in the car and giggled like kids on a date! Davis said, “I feel like I have been swimming, but with our clothes on.” On the way home, I asked Davis what his favorite part of the date was and wouldn’t you know it, it was running across that putt putt course in the rain. So glad he convinced me to “be adventurous.”