Davis is apparently ready to go back to school. Yesterday while driving in the car, he got paper and pencil and created a graph of people’s hair color. By the time we arrived at our destination, he had a pretty decent bar graph of the hair color of all the people we passed on the road. At one point he was pretty upset that we were going so fast he couldn’t make out some driver’s hair color. He always says that he’s not good at math. However, I am pretty sure only a mathematician would create bar graphs in his spare time.


Silas is now 2 years and 4 months old and he is a joy. He is such a lover. Sometimes he will just sit in my lap and hug and kiss me over and over. He is also a fighter. Watching Power Rangers and Narnia movies have given him all the training he needs in sword fighting. His sneak attacks, spin moves, death at defeat are all pretty flawless. Although I have succumbed to my fair share of surprise attacks, more often he comes to me with a sword and requests a dual.

Silas also loves to be outside. He loves the swing and begs to go high. He also loves to go for walks with his cart full of chalk in tow. During our walks, he frequently stops to make chalk graffiti art on other people’s sidewalks. His art projects don’t stop at other’s sidewalks. We have quickly learned that if left unattended with any art medium, Silas will happily graffiti whatever is at hand. We have come in to find our dining room chairs and cabinets artistically colored with green oil pastels. If left with a pen or marker, he will most often tattoo himself, whole hands and arms being covered in a matter of minutes.

And finally, Silas can’t get enough of his Legos. Our living room is frequently strewn with Legos. He especially loves the Lego people and outfits them with swords, daggers, helmets, and sets them atop Lego horses, ready for battle. He sometimes loses himself and plays for quite awhile by himself, engrossed in Lego action.

Thanking God that He gave us this sweet, animated, sword-fighting little person.