Wish List

Davis’s birthday and Christmas are quickly approaching. When I have to buy a gift for a child, I always ask the parent what this little person needs or would like to have. So, I am providing a wish list for those people, who like me, need a little help when purchasing gifts. This is in no way meant to be a demand or even request for gifts. Your love and your attention are way more than enough.

Passes (Davis calls them this) – movies, putt putt, water park, i tunes, family kingdom, wonderworks, ChicFilA, arcade, coca dotts, sweet frog, children’s museum or anywhere else that you know that a six year old would love to visit

Art Supplies – paints, paper, canvas – he loves to create!

Play Dough Kits – he especially likes the ice cream shop and the dentist set

Books, Books, and more Books – he told me the other day that he would rather have books than toys! Gosh I love that kid!

Movies – We have Family Fun Night every Friday where we watch movies and eat popcorn and candy! He would love some new entertainment.

A basketball, football, or soccer ball

Mommy is adding one more to his list:

College Fund – We have a Future Scholar Account set up for both boys.

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