No More Training Wheels

A couple of weeks ago, Davis decided it was time to ride his bike without his training wheels. Tracy took him over to the pool parking lot and told him to just push with his feet and try to balance. Davis did this exercise for a while. At some point, I walked over to check on his progress. Tracy said, “Davis show Mommy what you can do. ” Davis placed his feet on the pedals and took off. Tracy was astonished. Up to that point, he had just been pushing himself around the parking lot. Apparently, Davis just needed an audience.¬†Everything new that Davis has tried has been this way, one day he can’t do it, then he just decides – hey I think I’ll swim today, or hey, I think I’ll ride my bike today.

Wish List

Davis’s birthday and Christmas are quickly approaching. When I have to buy a gift for a child, I always ask the parent what this little person needs or would like to have. So, I am providing a wish list for those people, who like me, need a little help when purchasing gifts. This is in no way meant to be a demand or even request for gifts. Your love and your attention are way more than enough.

Passes (Davis calls them this) – movies, putt putt, water park, i tunes, family kingdom, wonderworks, ChicFilA, arcade, coca dotts, sweet frog, children’s museum or anywhere else that you know that a six year old would love to visit

Art Supplies – paints, paper, canvas – he loves to create!

Play Dough Kits – he especially likes the ice cream shop and the dentist set

Books, Books, and more Books – he told me the other day that he would rather have books than toys! Gosh I love that kid!

Movies – We have Family Fun Night every Friday where we watch movies and eat popcorn and candy! He would love some new entertainment.

A basketball, football, or soccer ball

Mommy is adding one more to his list:

College Fund – We have a Future Scholar Account set up for both boys.

Career Change

For the past 2 years, Davis has wanted to become a doctor. The kind of doctor has varied from cardiologist to podiatrist. However, he has consistently chosen the same career. That was until Davis discovered Mr. DiMaio – the PE teacher at our school. After two days of PE, Davis came home and declared that he was going to be a PE teacher….not a doctor. So, there you have it, thanks for that Mr. DiMaio!