I hate teeth. I love my teeth, but I do not love loose teeth or falling out teeth or injured teeth. I didn’t visit a dentist until I was 30 years old and that was only because I had a toothache. As I type I am cringing at the thought. However, Davis has two loose teeth. I think it is the coolest thing ever! I noticed that Davis was biting carrots, apples, and cucumbers using the side of his mouth. I decided after observing this behavior over the course of several days that I should check for the loose teeth. Sure enough, right on the front bottom were two that were wiggly wobbly. Davis was beaming when I told him that his teeth were loose and that he would be visited by the tooth fairy. He also was very proud of the fact that his baby teeth would be replaced by permanent adult teeth. I never thought I’d be excited about anyone’s loose teeth. Yet, this is one more example of how a child can change things.


Yesterday in Davis’s lunchbox I packed graham crackers spread with chocolate peanut butter, topped with bananas. Sounds perfect right? Well when Davis got home, these lunchbox treats were uneaten. Davis said, “Mommy I didn’t eat these today.” I asked him why. His response was, “Chloe, the girl who is allergic to peanuts, was sitting across from me, so I decided I shouldn’t eat them.” I asked if his teacher told him not too. He said no, he just didn’t want to make her sick. Just one more reason why this boy has my heart.

Conversations with Davis

The other day Davis and I drove past the very large, very still and unused roller coaster at Hard Rock Park. I said to Davis, “I really want to ride that roller coaster.” Davis responded, “I don’t know how you are going to do that Mommy, but with God all things are possible.” Oh to have such sweet, innocent, and yet bold faith.

Davis is participating in a fundraiser for school. Our friend Jenny Edwards, who Davis doesn’t really know, sent a check in the mail for an order and included a sweet note encouraging Davis to meet his goal. Davis’s response was, “Mommy, she didn’t have to do that.” I love that he was humbled and grateful that someone did something just for him.