Date Night


This past Monday, Davis and I had date night. After joining Obea and Ayden at Chick-Fil-A in Conway, we headed to Books-A-Million. I asked Davis where he wanted to go and originally he said the bookstore and the arcade. However, before arriving, he said, I only want to go to the bookstore and buy a book. That’s a boy after my own heart. We shared a chocolate chip cookie and then purchased the “If  You Give a Mouse a Cookie” collection. My favorite part of tonight was just being able to have alone time with Davis. I miss that so much. He is so sweet and inquisitive and sensitive and I forget that until it’s just me and him. I told him tonight that when he takes a girl on a date, he has to open the car door for her, so we practiced. I let him open my door for me several times. Davis wanted to know if he took a boy on a date, should he open the door for him. I explained that boys take girls on dates so no there would be no opening of doors for boys. Not sure that he has had enough dates to quite understand the concept. However, after realizing how precious alone time with Davis is, there will be many more dates in our future. Love that boy…

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