Silas – 18 months

Silas turned 18 months old on July 4th. He is a bundle of sweetness. He loves to give hugs and blow kisses. He adores his brother but will not think twice about hitting him in the head if he doesn’t give up a toy or the iPad. We bought him a kitchen a few weeks ago and that is his favorite toy. He rushes in with his mixing bowl, adds a few ingredients, mixes them up, delivers them to you and waits to see if you like his new recipe. He also can’t get enough books. He literally will sit in my lap and go through book after book after book. He will also sit and read books himself. The words are all a,a,a but are spoken with different inflections just like he’s reading every word. His favorites stories are anything Sesame Street, Mommy’s Little Monkey, Goodnight Gorilla, and Moo! Everytime we walk outside, Silas grabs his cart full of chalk and heads down the sidewalk as fast as he can. He stops periodically to grab a piece of chalk and make his mark in front of varioius neighbors’ houses. Right now, he loves to say oopah because we all giggle and ooh and ahh over his new word. He also can say papa and nana and just yesterday he said rojo, which is red in spanish. He can’t say red, but he can say rojo. Maybe English just isn’t his first language.  I love this age of discovery and newness.

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