Briar Berries


In the summertime when I was little, I used to spend a lot of time outside. I would come in at the end of the afternoon with black feet because I never wore shoes. I played all over the place, from my yard to the neighbor’s, to the trails that were carved in the woods behind my house. One of my favorite places though was just up the street where the briar berries produced their first fruits at the beginning of every summer. I would go up and pick and eat as many as I could ¬†hold or until the bushes were cleaned.

One day last summer our family went for an evening walk and ended up at the end of our road. I was elated to find that right there in the wooded cul de sac was a full briar berry bush. We carefully picked the perfectly ripened berries and popped them into our mouths, a taste of childhood. No one really cared a whole lot about those berries last year. But this year, Davis has fallen head over heels in love with that blackberry bush. He has walked to that blackberry bush everyday since we rediscovered them. He picks as many ripe ones as he can find, and sometimes shares them with Silas who is of course waiting like a little bird for his next berry. Yesterday Davis went to that bush 3 times and each time found ripe berries.

It melts my heart to know that in this busy, technology crazy world, my boys can share the same simple loves that I had as a child.