For the most part, I lay down with Davis each night and read him a couple books and/or tell him a story. I’ll usually make up some random story about his current favorite cartoon characters (Wubbzy, Garfield, SpongeBob, Phineas & Ferb) or if I have the energy I’ll craft an all original one-off adventure. I started a story tonight — but was too tired keep it going so I thought I’d throw some questions at him and check in on this 5-year-old’s view of the world…

Me: “What is the moon made of?”
Davis: “Milk.”

Me: “What is the sun made of?”
Davis: “Fire.”

Me: “Why doesn’t our car float off into the air when we drive it?”
Davis: “Because it doesn’t have anything floatable.”

Me: “But then why do airplanes fly?”
Davis: “Because they have wings.”

Me: “Then what about helicopters?”
Davis: “They have a spinner. Can you just tell me the rest of the story?”

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