Silas has no interest in talking. He understands and does everything we ask, but he has absolutely no reason to use words. He literally can say please which comes out like this eeeeezzzze and he can say hot. He’s working on up which is “uh” and he loves to sign all done. My favorite non-word that he says is “uh huh” – that’s his yes. Tracy tells me that he will talk when he’s ready, not to rush it.


Davis learned to play Uno this weekend. Now he is obsessed with Uno. It’s the first thing he wants to do when he gets up in the morning. One cute thing that he does – he can’t hold all his cards, so we have to play on the couch so that he can hide his cards under a pillow.

Royal Family

Tonight, after a rousing game of Uno (which Davis has just discovered and learned to play earlier today), Davis looks at us and declares “Mommy, you are the queen of this house. Daddy, you’re the king. I’m the prince.” Of course, there was a glaring omission in this royal titling ceremony, so I asked him about his younger brother Silas. Davis simply responded “Oh, he’s our servant.”

Mother’s Day

I ate waffles for breakfast – prepared by my husband. He used my recipe and low and behold they turned out just as good as mine – only because I told him about the vanilla that I add that isn’t a part of the recipe. I may never make waffles again.

I had steak for dinner – again prepared by my husband. It was equally as good as the waffles. I may consider letting him prepare dinner once a week.

Patty and David kept our children Friday night. Tracy and I went on a much needed date. On Saturday we went out to breakfast at Eggs Up then went to Lowe’s and purchased lots of things to plant in the yard.

We realized that after not having our children for one night and one day that we had tons of energy. Even after working in the yard all day, we still weren’t tired.

Sometimes I think something is physically wrong with me because I am literally exhausted all the time. But after this weekend, I realize that it’s being a mother that is exhausting, not some physical ailment.

I am thankful that God entrusted me with these two perfectly sweet and wild and amazing people to teach and lead and yes, be exhausted by. I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.


For the most part, I lay down with Davis each night and read him a couple books and/or tell him a story. I’ll usually make up some random story about his current favorite cartoon characters (Wubbzy, Garfield, SpongeBob, Phineas & Ferb) or if I have the energy I’ll craft an all original one-off adventure. I started a story tonight — but was too tired keep it going so I thought I’d throw some questions at him and check in on this 5-year-old’s view of the world…

Me: “What is the moon made of?”
Davis: “Milk.”

Me: “What is the sun made of?”
Davis: “Fire.”

Me: “Why doesn’t our car float off into the air when we drive it?”
Davis: “Because it doesn’t have anything floatable.”

Me: “But then why do airplanes fly?”
Davis: “Because they have wings.”

Me: “Then what about helicopters?”
Davis: “They have a spinner. Can you just tell me the rest of the story?”