Good Times

We are on spring break this week. We have done virtually nothing. Today when everyone woke up – Silas at 4 AM, Davis before 6 AM, I asked Davis what he wanted to do today. His response was, “I want to play Candyland and build a fort.” So we played Candyland. I am pretty sure Davis cheated. He got very angry when I asked him about it. We stopped playing. Next, because I feel like we need to go somewhere away from the house since we are on spring break (a sentiment my son does not share might I add), we went to Tyler’s Produce and picked strawberries. Davis came out of the strawberry patch carrying a bucket full of strawberries, barefoot with mud up to his ankles. Silas was carried out with a strawberry stained chin and shirt. In the car we feasted on boiled peanuts, hoop cheese and crackers, and more strawberries of course. After a stop at Chick Fil A for lemonade and tea, we finally made it back home. After baths, we did build that fort and equipped it with a rooster for crowing, books for reading, and toys for playing. Both boys were giddy. Davis is now on his way to his friend Ayden’s house to spend the night. I’d say that all in all, it’s been a pretty perfect day!