Leaping Leprechauns

Davis came home from school so excited today. They were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in his class by setting a trap for a leprechaun. They used shamrocks and pennies in their trap. Apparently, the leprechaun did visit the room but did not stick around for the kids to see him (smart choice). Although while there, he did take all the shamrocks and pennies, destroy the room, and leave his footprints all up the walls and across the ceiling. Not only that, he turned all the water in the toilets green. With all the upheaval, I guess he felt he should leave some reward for the kids, so each one received a gold coin (made of chocolate). Davis was disappointed that he didn’t get to see the real live leprechaun but he did explain that leprechauns are much smaller than Silas – like Silas would be the size of a leprechaun’s father. When I went to his classroom at the end of the day, the whole class was snacking on cupcakes with green icing and green juice. Sounds like a perfect end to a long hard day of leprechaun hunting.

On a side note – somehow Silas got ahold of the gold chocolate coin while we were driving. This I did not know. Davis said very hesitantly, “Mom, something has happened to Silas and I am scared to tell you.” I frantically said, “You had better tell me or you will be in big trouble.” To which he responded, “I think you need to pull over.” I stopped the car and went around to find that Silas had the gold coin smeared all over his face, his legs, and hands. He was looking at me clapping and sucking his paci with chocolate spit oozing from underneath. He was having his very own leprechaun party right there in the back seat.

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