Turning One

I turned one this week.
So far, I can crawl, cruise on the furniture, say mama and dada, clap my hands, shake my head no, and eat, eat, eat.

I love to eat the following things ( in this order):
chicken – my mom says I may turn into a chicken
I refuse to eat sweet potatoes. I spit those out every single time.

I take two naps a day and I sleep all night. I don’t like when Mommy lays me down, but I quickly realize that I need sleep.

I love to play. I will play with anything so long as it’s not a toy. I really enjoy buttons, especially the ones on Mommy’s cell phone. Davis says I am calling my girlfriend.

I love going into the pantry. I also really enjoy opening and closing doors. My mom always worries that I am going to get my fingers closed in the door, but I am very responsible.

I love my big brother. I think he is so much fun. He runs into my room in the mornings when I wake up and jumps in the crib with me. He tickles me and makes me laugh a lot. He also takes me down the slide in the backyard. I could do that over and over.

I love Mommy and Daddy too. I love for them to carry me around when I point in a specific direction. They seem to be pretty crazy about me too.

Being a baby has been great, but I am really looking forward to my new one-year-old adventures.


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