Last weekend, Silas began shaking his head “No.” We were in Columbia for the Floyd Family Christmas get together, and I was feeding him lunch. I suppose he was either full or tired of eating whatever I was feeding him. He looked at me and shook his head. Later when someone tried to hold him, he shook his head. He also shakes his head when he knows he shouldn’t do something, like stick his finger in the electrical outlet.


Davis is figuring out the world. On Monday we went to the mall. After going to the Hallmark store, Davis needed to stop by the bathroom. I decided that since we were heading to Chick-fil-a next, we’d just go to the bathroom closest to our stop. That meant we had to pass other bathrooms. Davis pointed out that we had passed a perfectly good restroom. He had read the sign – well the pictures on the sign. Once we reached the family bathrooms, Davis pointed out that there was room where I could nurse Silas – “See mommy, that room has a sign with a bottle.” I love it. He’s beginning to notice the details and make sense of them, even without my help.


For a couple of months now, Silas has been army crawling. He has it perfected – one arm leading with the opposite foot pushing. Yesterday he officially began crawling. Obea witnessed the long crawling stretch, from the edge of the carpet leading into the kitchen, all the way to the bar stools. Once I got home though, he was back to his old faithful – the army crawl. The only time I was able to see him crawl was when I removed all his clothes except his diaper and placed him in the kitchen on the cold tile floor. He was more than happy to abandon his reliable mobility method and lift his belly up off the unpleasant tile. The real crawl lasted only about 10 seconds when Davis ran in, called Silas his pillow and shoved down to the floor. But alas, we know he can do it at least.