Silas Update

Silas is still army crawling. It looks so cumbersome, dragging himself with one arm while pushing himself forward with one foot. He’s gotten really proficient at it. He loves chasing Davis all around the living room while Davis pushes the old metal Chinese Checkers game. He also recently learned to clap. His first clap was on our anniversary. Just like with Davis, at his 9 month visit, the pediatrician asked if he could clap and of course, he couldn’t. So, we worked on it for about a week and now he claps while eating, while being changed, even while nursing. I am pretty sure we practiced it so many times that he thinks he’s supposed to clap for everything. He has 5 teeth and his favorite thing to eat is chicken pot pie. He did not love risotto although I was sure he would. He does love broccoli and green peas. This boy is so happy. He laughs all the time. Interestingly, hiccuping elicits giggles every time. Silas loves Davis and laughs at him frequently for no apparent reason. This boy is the definition of sweetness. He is perfect in every way. We all just love him!

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