Silas is scooting all over the house now. The other night, I was in the bathroom getting ready and he was in the living room, and he decided he would go on a hunt for his mama. I saw him come army crawling around the corner. He’s pretty fast too for having such a cumbersome crawling method.

He has 3 teeth – two on the bottom and one on the top with the other top front tooth starting to break through. He needs teeth because of his favorite past times is eating. He’ll eat any sort of table food that comes close to his mouth. I made chicken bog the other night and he loved it. Tracy fed him a bottle the other morning at around 7 and then fed him his breakfast at around 8. Just a few minutes later, Tracy got out the chicken bog pot to make himself a plate to take to work for lunch. When Silas saw the pot he went crazy!!!

Nursing Silas has become interesting. He still wants to nurse around 4 times a day, but he doesn’t want to sit still long enough to nurse. He looks around, twists his whole body around, scoots off my lap, plays with my hair, turns my head so he can touch my ears, and the list goes on. Although when I nurse him for the last time in the evening, right before bed, he usually sits still and just stares at me in between rubbing his eyes and trying to fight off the sleepys. It’s possibly my favorite time of day.

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