Yard Sale

A couple of weeks ago, Davis discovered Bakugan. He purchased, with his own money, his first Bakugan creature for $6.50. Not long afterwards, a friend on Facebook posted a photo of at least a couple of dozen Bakugan creatures along with a battle arena that she purchased at a yard sale for $5. When I showed Davis he was astonished.

I had been wanting to go to yard sales, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. So, I decided this past Saturday that I would get up early and go. I asked Davis if he wanted to join me. I could see the picture of the immense number of Bakugans in the afore mentioned picture flash through his mind. He said, “Well, sure I want to go. I want to find some Bakugans.” I explained to him that we had to get up super early and I didn’t know if he would be up to it. He said, “You will have to wake me up.” Saturday morning, 6:30 A.M. came and I went in and said, “Davis it’s yard sale day.” His eyes popped open and he was up ready to put his clothes on. We left the house at 7 A.M. Our conversation in the truck on the way to the first yard sale was about how Daddy told him he may not find Bakugans and that yard sales are like treasure hunts, you never know what you will find. Davis also informed me that you have to get to yard sales early because the early people get the best stuff.

We spent about 3.5 hours going to yard sales and Davis was a great yard sale buddy. I’d love to be able to say that we found the Bakugan mother load, but alas, we didn’t. We did, however, find some treasures – a Bocci set, a clown ring toss, a boomerang, Connect Four, some robots, books and dishes for Silas, a timed pop up shape game, and a vintage necklace for me. I think we may have spent around $11. Davis was satisfied with his purchases. And, although I only found one item for myself, the time I spent with Davis was quite possibly the best treasure of all.

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