Kids love forts. I loved forts when I was little. I can remember getting all the ladder back chairs from our dining room table and creating a circle with the seats facing out. I’d get the biggest blanket I could find and drape it over the tops of the chairs. I’d crawl around on the linoleum floor in that fort and have all kinds of adventures – just me and my Barbies.

On Monday morning, while Silas was sleeping, Davis and I built a fort. I got 3 chairs and one polka dotted blanket and went back to my childhood. Davis filled up our fort with pillows from the couch, pillows from the chairs, and pillows from the bed. He then began collecting weapons to defend our forch (this is not a typo – this is Davis’s name for a fort). The weapons included a sword, the ceiling fan remote, and silly bands which became power bracelets. We also had a map disguised as a Bakugan rule book. Over the past 24 hours, the fort has grown to include the iPad, Silas’s play mat along with several of his toys, a horse, a Darth Vader mask, one hockey stick and one very large rock collection. This morning when Davis got up, he went and laid in his forch and played all by himself. I am assuming that we got all the bad guys today because there was no urgency to get our weapons and be at the ready.

I really need to clean up the living room, but seeing him laying in his fort makes me want to just leave it there and enjoy watching him and playing with him and being back in my mom’s kitchen…

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  1. Just reading this I think I enjoyed it as much as you did. I also loved forts, and used the dining room chairs lined up in front of the couch to build my “fortress”. I remember sitting in there and thinking I could stay in there forever but my mom always made me ” put those chairs away! Michelle, You’re the best mom ever!

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