I have to go back to school in 10 days. I am having mixed emotions. I think I need to work…I feel more mentally sane and productive when I work, yet having Silas makes me want to just be at home. I realize, now that Davis is 4, how quickly the first year passes. Silas will be 7 months old on Thursday and I feel like it was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant. What makes it worse is that Silas is in such a “mommy” phase right now and yes, it’s a phase, it will pass which is sad in and of itself. Anytime I am in the room, he doesn’t take his eyes off of me. If someone else is holding him and I get near, he reaches out his chubby little hands, begging to be with me. So the thought of leaving him for 4.5 hours a day is a little heart breaking. I don’t want to miss a second of this stage, much less several hours. Right now, he is all sweetness. When he wakes up in the morning, he lays in his crib and talks and coos until someone comes to get him. Usually Davis gets to him first and sings the good morning song. When I get there, he is all smiles. I love picking him up first thing in the morning, it may be the sweetest time of my day. I also love how when I am carrying him, he hangs on to my arm like a little monkey. His favorite game to play is peekaboo and he loves his chick fil a cow and little blue beanie baby bear. At night, he has learned to find his paci himself, already so independent. I also love how he looks at Davis. He already adores him, you can just see it. Davis can make him smile quicker than anyone else. And I think Davis loves him equally as much. Tracy and I had decided not to have children, then along came Davis. We thought Davis was enough and then came Silas. I can’t imagine being without either of them. God sure does know what he’s doing, huh?

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