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We watched home videos of Davis tonight. They always make me giggle, watching him when he was such a little guy, learning about the world. But after the videos are over, I always feel a little sad, it just happened so fast, he grew up, he’s four, he’ll be five and then before I know it, he’ll be graduating high school and off to college. Those videos make me want to freeze time. I asked Tracy if the videos made him feel sad, he replied, “I just feel sad that I didn’t record more.”

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  1. I cried too when JoLanna started growing up because I knew I would never have another child. Now she steps on my heart. Cherish all these moments while they are young and growing up. I wanted JoLanna to stop growing and stay small but that doesn’t happen. But I feel like you have two great sons that will one day make you proud.

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