We went to the jumpy place yesterday. Davis went missing. I became mind-spinningly frantic. Everyone was looking for him – Marian, Obea, Me, Rhea, Ayden, Trinity, strangers, everyone. I looked in the bathroom, sure that he would be there…no Davis. Obea looked outside in case someone had grabbed him. Marian was afraid that he was trapped behind one of the inflatables. Finally, I walked around to the sides of the inflatables fearing that Marian was right, when I looked up into the inflatable and he was in a tunnel – laying on his belly with his chin in his hands, smiling. I said, “Davis we were looking for you!” He replied, “I am hiding from Ayden.” Obviously a perfect hiding spot.

When we were in the car on the way home, I told Davis that I was really scared today when I couldn’t find him. His response – “Mommy, don’t be scared, you have to be brave and find me.”

2 thoughts on “Bravery”

  1. I truly know the feeling. JoLanna slipped away from me at Carolwinds when she was about Davis age. I was scared to death. Security was helping me look for her, and all of a sudden she popped up!! We were in the fenced in area too!

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