I wrote the entry below almost a year ago and just found it in my “drafts” folder. Perfect timing and a perfect reminder to pay attention and relish in all of Silas’s firsts and lasts…

I heard this speaker on the radio this morning talking about how our lives are a story, how we want to be remembered for who we are not just on Sunday but for who we are on all the days in between. She went on to talk about relationships and making time for God and time for others. She ended her talk with a poem she had written with her 6 children in mind. It was all about lasts. She talked about how we take time to capture all the “firsts” but sometimes the “lasts” are more important. The last time you give your baby a bottle, the last time you rock them to sleep, their last midday nap, the last time they call for you in the middle of the night, the last time they climb in the bed with you at 3 AM, the last time you pick them up…etc.

It seems like sometimes I am so impatient with Davis, so eager for certain stages to be over, so eager to be able to sleep through the night uninterrupted, so eager to be able to have a moment by myself. I was just reminded by that lady’s words that Davis is going to one day grow up and be a man and all these stages will be done…finished…no going back. We’ve already experienced “lasts.” And there will be many more to come. Sadly, I don’t think I really noticed or appreciated the lasts that we have already experienced. But as of today, I am going to make a true effort to slow down, to take time for Davis, to appreciate all those little moments that oftentimes I miss.

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