100 Times…No, 101 Times

Below is a record of a meltdown Davis had yesterday…

Davis: Play this game with me Daddy.
Daddy: I already played this game with you. I don’t like this game.
Davis: I have played this game a lot of times. (Sob, sob, sob)
Daddy: I am not playing this game with you.
Davis: I don’t love you, I don’t like you!
Daddy: Well, I love you.

Davis: (Runs into living room to tell me of the whole situation – in between sobs) Daddy won’t play this game with me.
Mommy: I think Daddy already played it with you.
Davis: Daddy played it like 3 times. I have played it 100 times. No…I have played it 101 times.

All this resulted in punishment and iPad privileges being removed.

One thought on “100 Times…No, 101 Times”

  1. I have one of those at home…and the other one turns thirteen in a month. Emma is so strong willed. Her defiance is probably admired by preschoolers the world over. Kira, well, she’s good as gold 95% of the time. The other five percent is like a scene from ” invasion of the body snatchers”.

    It’s nice that you chronicle all these ” days of your lives”. You will cherish the memories forever.

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