This Christmas – Random Thoughts

What mixed emotions this Christmas…

It’s Davis’s last Christmas as an only child which makes me not want to miss a moment with him. Yesterday we put together a gum drop tree – he ate a lot of gum drops! Don’t know if you have tasted gum drops, but they are gross.

Last night, the Grannies and Papa Brant came over. Davis was so excited he couldn’t sit still or be quiet or even eat dinner. All he wanted to do was open his gifts, so finally, after dessert, it was time. He opened his first gift, a book, and sat there and looked at the entire thing even though there were other presents waiting. I think he would have been perfectly content with his one book. He then helped us open our presents including a present for Silas before opening more of his own presents. He was just as excited to help us open our as his was about opening his. So, at 4, it’s still about the opening. I am not really sure it even mattered what was actually in the packages. After presents, Davis blasted the Christmas music and made everyone dance in the middle of the living room floor. What good times.

Even at 11 pm, with heavy, tear-filled, exhausted eyes, Davis protested going to sleep. It took about 3 minutes of story telling for him to finally give in.

I am at the end of my pregnancy and I want nothing more than to have this baby soon, but at the same time, I realize it will be the last time I will ever be pregnant. I won’t get to have this life growing inside of me again, and it makes me a little sad. I want to enjoy and just appreciate the final moments of this pregnancy despite all the uncomfortableness. Next year at this time, I’ll have an almost one year old – amazing.

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