Silas – December Update

5 more weeks until the arrival of Silas…

I am now sleeping upright on the couch b/c I am so uncomfortable. When I lay down at night, my hands tingle and hurt and it keeps me awake. Apparently, the fluid that accumulates in the legs and feet during the day, redistributes at night and can pinch the carpal tunnel nerve causing pregnancy induced carpel tunnel syndrome. It is miserable. I didn’t have these strange symptoms with Davis – alas, that’s the difference between being pregnant at 30 and being pregnant at 34.

It’s interesting to notice Silas’s awake/sleeping patterns. He sleeps all morning at school while I am working, but as soon as lunch time comes, he is wide awake – doing somersaults it seems. He then goes back to sleep and is totally awake at night, especially while I am laying down.

At this point, I can really feel him in the lower part of my uterus. It feels like he’s pounding away. Tracy says he’s looking for an exit. I’d be happy for him to find it anytime now, b/c I cannot imagine being this miserable for 5 more weeks.

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  1. Ahh, I feel your pain! Well not the carpal tunnel pain, but the being uncomfortable pain. I do not envy this carpal tunnel thing, how bizarre. I have 11 weeks left, and I’m so ready for her to be here, like NOW! I hope your five weeks goes quickly and you can start resting better. 🙂

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